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Thread Contributor: Xiaolong_LiIT - MacOS Change iMac Hard drive for $20
For people who want to make their old iMac speed up! 
For people whose iMac is dead, want to try if changing hard drive can save it. 

About me:
2 year experience Hardware in a professional world.
Can finish in 30 minutes. 

This is just the fee for changing it. 
(includes a pair of adhesive stripe for putting front glass back) 

You need to buy a new hard drive by yourself. 
(512GB SSD recommended, about $160) 

I can give you advice, which is better. 

We can meet on campus, library, cafeteria, you choose. 

PM if you need help.

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I have a 2011 iMac Mid, it runs slow now, I want to change to a SSD, can you help me?
I can meet you in Baruch Library, I will bring my iMac with me.

Also, which brand of SSD should I buy?

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